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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Passing an earnings milestone (like $100 per day) or exposure milestone (1,000 views per day) is a great feeling. All of your hard work is finally starting to pay off and the sky is the limit to your success!

However, when this happens, its really important to take a step back and review how you got there and how you are going to sustain those thresholds. How many of your eggs are in one basket? And how can they be redistributed to ensure that you are maximizing earnings or exposure?

Yesterday, I crossed a couple of thresholds. Needless to say, I was very excited. However, the first thing that came to my mind (call me cautious) was, "What would happen if this small business suddenly collapsed?" and "Do I have other sources of income that can support this one if it begins to lag?"

So to make sure that I am diversified, I went for the quick and easy fix. I have been working on writing articles for income, so I already have a very extensive portfolio of relevant, SEO content. It would only make sense that I utilize this portfolio to earn more than one stream of income. So I hopped over to and and signed up for an account. My plan is to put my entire content library on both of those sites. Even if I only make 10% as much on each of those sites as I do on my eHow account, it will still be very beneficial. Making 20% of my current income on web content that I have already generated is a very good deal. However, sticking with my motto of "never do something you can pay someone else to do," I am going to have to find someone to upload all of those articles onto each website. I figure it will cost me about $0.40 per article to upload, at 550 articles, on 2 sites, thats $440. Not too bad. Between the two sites, I figure that I can earn that back in 3 1/2 months. I could upload the articles myself, but I figure it would take me about 4 minutes a pop to upload, or 73 1/3 hours, meaning I am costing myself about $6 per hour.... it's definitely worth it to me to hire someone else.

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  1. Hi Jon, it's jenicoe2001 from eHow! Great blog, and I agree with you... If you can find someone else to upload those 550 articles- do it!! By now, you must have surpassed even that crazy high amount of articles on ehow!! ; ) So what are you up to now... a million bazillion articles written?! lol Just teasin' ya!! You are doing an oustanding job!! :) BTW, please add yourself to my blog, here on blogger! :) have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :)