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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving forward....

Ok, so I decided to give up the "article" aspect of this blog, and instead make it my "blogbase" - ie, the common link between my blogs and basically everything else that I do for now.

I'm currently working on getting my websites back up and running. One of them that I was using ( was closed somehow, and I'm not exactly sure. It had been used as a fully digitized public domain sheet music distributer. Where people could purchase .pdf versions of sheet music that are no longer in print. It took me about six months to set up, and I had it up and running for about six months, and then it got shut down. It was pretty good earner too. I'm thinking that one or two of the songsheets may have been copywrited still. I just wish the owners would have told me so that I could remove them from the website instead of contacting the host and telling them to shut me down. (In case you are wondering, music that is writen prior to 1923 and that has been re-written/edited is public domain, which means that anybody can monetize it.)

I'm going to try to search through my music again to ensure that nothing is copywrited, and then get it back up and running. We'll see how it goes!

For now, a good chunk of my income comes through my articles.

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