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Monday, August 17, 2009

Self Promotion

In the last couple of days I purchased a some new websites, mainly in preparation for the future. I plan to use one as a home page for all of the websites that I own, and the other I plan to use simply for self-promotion; ie consulting and job searching. This blog is actually on the page that I plan to use for my venture group ( But it will take me a little time to get it developed, in the mean time, this seems like a good placeholder.

I used to not think that a self-promotion site was necessary or even beneficial. But it has increasingly become more and more necessary. If nothing else, it shows that you have at least somewhat mastered an essential piece and basic concept of the new economy: the website.

I plan to use my other website for a short bio, resume/CV, work/writing samples, and contact information, basically an internet business card. We'll see how it turns out! The sites not up right now, but it should be soon.

In case your interested, it costs about $10 to register a domain name (reserve it), and about $4-9 bucks per month to have it hosted (so that you can actually add content to it). Not a bad investment if it leads to job opportunities or career advancement.

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