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Book CoverPurple Cow - By Seth Godin
Cost? - About $10 for Hardcover
Relevent Topics? - Marketing, Motivational, Business
Overall Perception? - This book reads like an essay that was somehow stretched into a short book. However, Godin provides decent insights into creating differentiated products and services (Purple Cow's) that attract strong attention. I particularly appreciate the strong emphasis on continually trying new things and never being satisfied with the way your product is performing.

Unfortunately, this book is clearly nothing but an extension of Godin's ego, frequently displayed by his delight in his personal accomplishments. Read it once, learn what you can, and then pass it on; but don't make space on the bookshelf for it.

Worth Reading? - Because of its new idea's, modest cost, and speed of reading (The book is small), I would recommend reading it once.