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Monday, June 29, 2009

Interview Dress Tips; for Women

There is so much to think about before an interview that what you wear may seem insignificant. However, dressing appropriately can help you present yourself well before the interviewer. In any case, dressing inappropriately can subtly turn the interviewer off and ruin your chances for a successful meeting. It is worthwhile to put some thought and effort into dressing your best – for success.

First do a check on the company. Make sure you are familiar with their work culture and expectations. Not following dress code rules is an immediate discredit and the interviewer may not look too much further, even if you feel that you have a lot to offer. If necessary, simply call the company and ask about company policies.

Cleanliness and simplicity are key elements to look your best. Arriving with stained clothes or outlandish styles is sure to raise the interviewer’s eyebrows. Interviewers see so many people that they may cross off anyone whose appearance seems slightly out of the ordinary.

Along with this, make sure all clothing is pressed and well-fitted.

Dark suits with white shirts are always your safest bet. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or pinstriped, but formal attire speaks integrity, maturity, and respect. Even in a company with a casual culture, a jacket will always score points.

Knee-length skirts or long pants are best in order to maintain a conservative presentation.

Blouses should be modest. The interviewer should only be focusing on you and the job in question; you don’t want to provide any distractions.

Jewelry, if worn at all, should be understated. Less is definitely more in this case; same for makeup.

Shoes and hose should coordinate well with clothing. Everything should be in basic and neutral tones.

Consider a hairstyle that is neat and somewhat traditional, such as a ponytail, bun, or straight with a few curls.

Your goal is to look professional so the interviewer sees you, not your clothes! Follow these tips and you will have given yourself a foundation for success in your next interview.


  1. Very nice! You found me on eHow and I ended up checking out your blog; interesting and smart. Kudos to you.

  2. Thanks for checking me out! I'm in the process of finishing up a bunch more articles, like 400+ more :) - so check back!