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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing Official Business Letters

‘Hey Joe, do you want to buy this computer?’ While Joe may appreciate your down-to-earth nature, this approach may not win you a sale. Whether it’s to snag a great job interview, communicate with a client, or obtain new business, writing an official business letter is an important skill to acquire. Yes, you do want to come across as amiable and pleasant, but you also want to appear professional, intelligent, and business-minded. Here are some useful tips.

1. Use company stationary. At least make sure your company name and address are located at the top of the page. If you are writing it up yourself, put your company name at the top with the address beneath it. This information is often located on the top right of the page.

2. Make sure you use a proper opening layout: Beneath your company information write the recipient’s name and address. Skip two lines and write the date. This is usually on the left margin. Skip two lines and write a proper salutation (Dear Dr. if it’s a Dr., etc.)

3. Use block paragraphs (no Indentations) with spaces in between.

4. Start with a greeting and give the reason for the letter.

5. Compose the main body of the letter with all necessary information to convey your point.

6. State all requests clearly. Be concise or readers may get confused or lose interest.

7. Close with your contact information (Or reference that it is located at the top of the letter.)

8. Make sure to thank the recipient and indicate any follow up actions.

9. Use a closing phrase such as sincerely, kind regards, very respectfully, etc.

10. Enter a few blank rows, then type your name and sign above it.

11. Don’t forget to check for spelling and grammatical errors. You want to put your best foot forward!

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