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Thursday, March 4, 2010 Earnings Observations

I have really started to turn my attention to, a website which allows you to publish and be paid for written content. It is very similar to eHow. I have been on the website for about four months and currently have 54 articles, although I expect to be up to a couple hundred by the end of this month. One major difference that I noticed between firehow and eHow is that it appears as if you get paid based on "hits" or views, instead of advertising clicks. Many people have noticed that they have 50, 100, or even more views on their eHow articles, but have no earnings. On Firehow, for every 2-3 views you earn 1 penny. Its not much, but it adds up over time. Based on my data, I believe that you get paid about $0.0037 for every hit; or roughly one dollar for every 270 hits. I hypothesize that the payment system is based on views and not hits because I am consistently earning, even with very few views. It is highly unlikely that out of 3 views there will ALWAYS be one person that will click on an advertisement, generating 1 cent in earnings. My articles, with very little advertising effort, on average generate between 2-5 hits per day, or 1-2 cents. Obviously, this is only an estimate, but I have noticed this trend to be VERY consistent. My articles, on average, earn about 1.3 cents per view. This means that Firehow pays out at roughly 28.4% of eHow, when comparing the per-view payout rate. Of course, these are generalizations, as some people have higher or lower earning articles. But I have a eHow sample pool of 618 articles, with individual articles earning as high as $70+ per month and as low as, well, nothing. So I believe it to be a good range of data.

I plan on posting a more exhaustive review of eHow data that I have been collecting over the past 9 months if anyone is interested.

What has your experience been with Firehow?


  1. Interesting post. I had been wondering if it would be worth it to join Firehow.

  2. Did I read your blog correctly? Are you only earning $70+ per month on eHow with 618 articles?

    Thanks for the Firehow stats.

  3. CM... No no no, thanks for catching that. Wouldn't that be a bummer!? I changed the article, it should have read "individual articles earning as high as $70..."

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. That sounds good but translates to about 3.70 per 1K views. WHICH is the measurement used by many to compare earnings. Sounds good and does make more backlinsk.

  5. Thanks for the info. I am new to ehow and want to stick with for a while to build up my article library, but eventually I would like to try to diversify my income streams and start posting to other sites.

    Great idea for taking low earning ehow articles and posting them at firehow. Once my articles mature for a few months and I can gauge their earning potential I think I will try this.

    Very impressive having > 600 articles.

  6. Thanks for sharing...I have been looking for other publication sites, and will check out firehow.

  7. How have you been? You've been hiding lately...huh? Do you still write for firehow? I hear a lot of writers who used to write for them have disappeared. Most say they get very little traffic and the pay sucks. I think most of these writing sites are ripoffs. The owner of these sites makes the bulk of the money.